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Maxitrans getting ready to dump about 20 staff
By Colin Gardiner

MaxiTrans Industries (NZ) Pty the Australian owned Takanini based trailer manufacturer is about to dump about 20 staff today. Meetings have been previously held to advise staff that job losses were a possability. They are citing a downturn in the general economy, lack of orders, changes to transport rules that were discussed in December 2015 and uncertainty of sales, orders and profitability. What will this mean for clients of the company, less staff means a slower turnaround for an orders that come in. At this point they have not offered staff any assistance in finding other work. Another case of Australian owned companies crapping on kiwi's. 

The company operations consist of a complementary mix of activities centred on the broad needs of road transport operators. They include manufacture of leading trailer brands, supply and distribution of parts, provision of service and repair support, and the manufacture of urethane foam body panels.

Maxitrans main brands are Freighter general freight trailers, skeleton trailers for container work and Maxicube refrigerated trailers and box bodies.

Maxitrans managment have told a large number of staff in all areas (factory, office and warehouse) that they must reapply for their jobs by Friday, if they are not accepted back they have been made redundant. I have had discussions with a number of their staff (office and factory) it appears that the company has known of their situation for some time, going back to early 2015. If staff need to take time away to apply for employment elsewhere maxitrans have told staff that it is on their own and they will not be paid for it. They are making no attempt whatsoever to help the staff to find other work. I have viewed a number of contracts and the company has side stepped any redundancy provisions. Essentially, staff are on their own if they are not accepted back.

Update 2

Maxitrans treatment of staff being made redundant only got worse. The company that is headed in New Zealand by Andrew Miller (General Manager ) in New Zealand tried to renege on his original redundancy deal. Stating that they were now only going to be offering 2 weeks redundancy pay. They were also required to sign an agreement that no one would talk to media or as he calls it "the blogger" Once the redundant staff kicked up a stink over his latest tactics he returned to his original offer of 4 weeks redundancy. Seriously, did you think you would get away with treating your labour force the way you have? Then you dump the dirty work onto  your Human Resourses manager who has the spirit of Putin himself in her. 

While the redundancies have now happened Maxitrans will fel the pinch when and if they need to hire staff again. You can't crap on people and get away with it.. 

More to come as this develops, keep coming back for updates.
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